Patient information. – Flu Vaccinations.

Flu Vaccines :


Influenza activity remains unseasonably high across NSW  over the summer and it has remained high in March with over 6400 cases notified so far this year.

Five age-specific influenza vaccines will be available free of charge to eligible people under the government programs in 2019.


Carlingford Surgery now has Government Flu vaccines  available  for :

FluQuadri Junior                                      6 months – 35 months

FluQuadri/Fluarix Tetra                            3 – 4 years

FluQuadri/Fluarix Tetra/Afluria Quad       5 years and older

FluQuadri/Fluarix Tetra/Afluria/Fluad      65 years and older

Private flu vaccines are also available for patients who do not qualify for government free flu vaccination program.

These vaccines are :  $ 16-00



Epping Surgery at present only has Private flu vaccines available

All Goverment vaccines will be arriving within the next 2 weeks. (Hopefully)

If you are an Epping patient and are eligible for your free vaccination and require this before Epping vaccines arrives please make an appointment with our Carlingford Nurse to administer this when available.

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