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General Health

Good health care does not mean only coming to see us when you are sick. We provide a complete approach to your health care, assessing your weight, blood pressure, activity level, family history and other risk factors to put into place a program that will attempt to avoid undesired outcomes.

Illness and Diseases

Illnesses and injuries can occur quickly and we always endeavour to provide service at short notice in these circumstances. Your usual doctor however may not be available but our team approach means that there will always be someone available to step in on their behalf.We are also provide a large range of vaccinations including Travel Vaccinations and are a registered Yellow Fever vaccination centre.

Special Care

Some of our patients have chronic illnesses and diseases. It is very important that they are cared for in a holistic manner, utilising the correct resources available. We pride ourselves on ensuring our patients receive the best short term and long term outcomes possible.

Meet Our Team

The Doctors and Staff at the Carlingford Epping Surgery pride themselves on the service and attitude to our patients.The current principals have been here for between 34 to 15 years and have a commitment to the area and our patients.The practice also take on General Practice Registrars who are finishing off their training.

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Get To Know Us

We appreciate that we cannot be all things to all people but we endeavour to provide a service based on mutual respect. We believe that we should treat our patients in the same way that we would like to be treated so please if you have any issues, bring them to the attention of our Practice Manager, Janet or your doctor.

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Making a booking with our friendly professionals

We accept booking via our electronic booking page or by phone. Please note if booking online that if you have more than 1 medical issue please book a half hour appointment.

Carlingford Surgery

Phone: (02) 9871 4444
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm, Saturday: 8am – 11am, Sunday and Public Holidays: CLOSED
Address: 5 Lloyds Avenue, Carlingford, NSW 2118

Epping Surgery

Phone: (02) 9876 2367
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday : 8am – 6:30pm, Friday 8am – 5pm.
Saturday: 8am – 11am, Sunday and Public Holidays: CLOSED
Address: 42 Rawson Street, Epping, NSW 2121