Our Survey report :

Accreditation Survey

We are going through the accreditation process again, this happens every 3 years  and through our recent survey some of the things you have told us

You were extremely happy with the service that our GP’s and staff provide and do not want anything changed.

A couple of other suggestions were :

  1. You would like tap facilities on the eftpos machine – We are looking into this facility
  2. Turn the volume up on the TV – we have turned the volume up a fraction but have found some patients like quiet time and prefer subtitles and reading to the noise of the TV
  3. Reception staff need to use a softer tone when speaking on the phone – Receptions staff have been advised – but unfortunately some of our patients have difficulty in hearing and our staff need to speak louder for patients to understand staff.
  4. Bulk Bill – unfortunately we are not a bulk billing practice
  5. Booking online appointments –  Our new webpage is up and running and appointments can be booked at both sites via www.cesurgery.com.au or hotdoc.com.au
  6. Waiting times for some doctors – We do apologise that some doctors may run late at times but every patient is given the time that is needed for their consultation and sometimes patients need longer than their booked time.  If you have a few things to speak about to your GP it is always a good idea to book a 30 min appointment.

Coffee & biscuits – sorry, for the safety of all patients and children this wont be possible

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the survery, we pride ourselves on being a family orientated practice and we will continue to offer the best and friendliest service possible.



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